A story comes alive in the space between the writer and reader

Red Circle Ink believes storytelling is a sacred calling. *Cue pan flutes and rainsticks.* The act of shaping meaning out of the chaos of mere words elevates wordsmiths to the realm of guides, prophets, and godlings.

To my sorrowing dismay as an author myself, I’ve also found that most storytellers have to sing for our supper. Navel-gazing wankery has a place…over there somewhere. Here — while we would never descend to crass commercialism (cough) — we write to be read.

The lie of perfectionism

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Really, it doesn’t even have to be that good. But the story must be compelling.

Sometimes it helps to simplify a compulsively readable genre story to three key components: “watchable” lead characters, relatable stakes, and coercive pacing. Everything else is negotiable (with the possible exception of non-intrusive formatting).

Toward that end, Red Circle Ink emphasizes the craft as much as the art, valuing function as well as form. We want to stay up all night reading, and we won’t quibble too much (in most colloquial cases, anyway) over who vs. whom.

Diversity statement

While my knowledge and practice started with European fairy tales, Greek mythology, and Vallejo-illustrated SFF, there are many storytelling traditions besides the Aristotelian model and reader markets outside New York. Today’s To Be Read Mountains overflow with myriad voices writing in uniquely inspired ways. When I’m not muttering “kids these days have no idea how cool their books are!!!”, I continue to educate and entertain myself with stories beyond my own lived experience. If I lack expertise to offer useful editorial feedback for any reason, I may have colleagues with better aligned qualifications.

Alternatives to working with an editor like Red Circle Ink…

Rather than hiring an editor, you can start a critique group. Establish a small company of smart, dedicated professionals like yourself. Build up a rapport of trust and respect while negotiating the minefield of group dynamics. Hammer out a workable schedule for all of you. Dedicate hours to critiquing their manuscripts so they in return will critique yours. Hope for the best.

I’m not being facetious. I believe the efforts above yield amazing returns since the analysis required will improve your writing from the very first draft of Chapter 1. However, I realize not every writer can spend their limited writing time grassrooting. That’s where Red Circle Ink can help.