Services & Prices

Accepted Genres

At this time, Red Circle Ink is accepting manuscripts in the following genres and sub-genres of commercial fiction:

  • Romance — historical; paranormal, science fiction and fantasy; contemporary (category and single title); mainstream with strong romantic elements; all heat levels (chaste or closed door to erotic) welcome
  • Science fiction — hard SF; space opera; dystopian; any of the punks (steampunk, cyberpunk, etc.); slipstream; science fantasy; new wave and speculative SF considered after discussion with the author
  • Fantasy — urban and dark fantasy; alternate history; epic and mythic fantasy; comedy fantasy considered after discussion with the author
  • Thriller — psychological, supernatural, techno, and adventure thrillers; RCI is not taking on legal or crime thrillers at this time

Mystery, straight horror, and memoir are beyond the scope of Red Circle Ink services at this time, as is most literary fiction.

All lengths (short story, novelette, novella, novel, series) are welcome.

Accepted Writers

  • Authors of any publication status: traditionally published, self-published, or hybrid published
  • Pre-published authors: with the caveat that a professional developmental edit may have more value to a writer who has already achieved a baseline proficiency with the art and craft of storytelling

Deluxe Critique Partner Service:     $0.01/word

If you want big-picture, content-intensive feedback on plot and character development, inter-relational conflict, pacing, stakes, reader involvement, theme, voice, and “sparkle,” plus line-level comments on readability, flow, and word choice, the Deluxe Critique Partner Service is for you.

Friendly Advice:     $0.01/word

Not feeling tough enough to take a full critique? Choose this option. I used to be snarky about “thicker skin” but the world is cruel enough. If you just want a gentle, positive boost of encouragement, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Copyediting:     $2.50/page

If you are confident the story is ready to go, and you just need a fresh eye with a focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, continuity, etc., choose this option. [ETA: After some rather shallow soul searching, I’ve decided to pull copyediting from my list of services. While I do line edit as I go (no writer with a red pen in her hand can stop herself from copyediting) I’ve decided copyediting is not where my true love lies… or lays… no, definitely lies. See what I mean? I have copyeditors I can recommend, so contact me if you’re having trouble finding someone.]

Please contact us before sending your manuscript or sample pages. Documents will be accepted in Microsoft Word or compatible formats, and feedback will be returned via docx. track changes with in-line edits and balloon comments as well as a separate editorial letter.


  • Even deluxe critique partners can’t guarantee sales. In case you were wondering, nothing guarantees sales.
  • Friendly advice still might sting overly sensitive types. If you think you might be one of these poor souls, you might go here instead.
  • Despite our best efforts, sadly, editing cain’t catch every error.