Red Circle Ink is Jessa Slade, New York-published since 2009 and self-published author as of 2012. I struggle with my writing (and the awkward switch of third to first person in “About” pages) and am always on the hunt for the magic bullet that will make writing easy. When I find it, my Red Circle Ink clients will be the first to know!

I was born of the union between an engineer and an artist, which means I want to understand why the heart of a story works. I love to poke, prod, analyze…and then make the words fly!

I have bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Soviet studies, neither of which exist anymore. Journalism gave me a great base for writing structure, and learning Russian taught me never to give my characters names with more than eight syllables. As a member of Romance Writers of America, I have been a writing contest judge for the Rose City Romance Writers, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter, and the RITAs. I have also taught writing craft and industry classes for the Emerald City Writers Conference, Savvy Authors, and RT Booklovers Convention. My editing clients have finaled in writing contests, won awards, and made nice amounts of cold, hard cash, for which I feel partially responsible and very proud — mostly because they did all the hard work. I am passably good at writing-themed Pictionary, although I promise to provide most Red Circle Ink feedback in the form of actual words.

I write paranormal romance, science fiction romance, and urban fantasy romance as Elsa Jade, and I confess I do not approach my own revisions with the same enthusiasm that I bring to Red Circle Ink.