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red-circle-ink-editorial-servicesWhy are you here?

You have a story you want to tell. Maybe you want to tell the whole world, or maybe you want to tell just one editor in New York. Regardless, you want to tell your story well.

With more books being written and published every year, the static to signal ratio is overwhelming, but you know a powerful story can cut through the noise. And you want to be sure the words you put on the page match the story in your head.

Why am I here?

When I was looking for an editor for my first self-publishing project, I was shocked by the prices. Shocked as in my heart sort of seized up for a second. I couldn’t afford most of the good editors, and — obviously — I didn’t want to work with a bad editor. This is one way I can give back to my community: by offering my years of writing, editing, and critiquing skills to other writers like myself, who are struggling with real-world doldrums (day jobs, car repair bills, non-self-scrubbing toilets) yet constantly aspiring to improve the art and craft of our stories.

Red Circle Ink

My goal is to be your critique partner/beta reader/editor. My motivation is the need I saw in finding quality, affordable freelance editorial services. My conflict… My only conflict is that you haven’t contacted me yet. Eh, we can fix that in rewrites.

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